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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kodeful?

Kodeful is a Serbia-based agency that helps tech companies hire experienced engineers in a cost and time effective way. We provide both staff augmentation and full-cycle development services.

Who do you help?

We have partners within several industries. From crypto startups, through fintech companies, to software development agencies.

What are your fees?

Our staff augmentation model is a risk free solution where we provide you with qualified candidates and you only pay when you hire them. On the other hand, full-cycle development service is split into milestones and you pay after each milestone is finished. All prices are known upfront.

How do you test your engineers?

All our engineers have to pass 3 rounds of thorough testing in order to join Kodeful. First test is verbal interview held in English so we can ensure that engineer will be able to clearly communicate with your team. Second round is technical assessment done in engineer’s main technology, they need a score higher than 95% in order to pass. Third round is technical interview with one of our senior engineers.

How long until an engineer can join our team?

It usually takes us 3-5 days to find a perfect candidate for you. You won't receive 100s of unqalified resumes, we'll only send you 2-3 super qualified pre-vetted engineers that you can then interview yourself. If we don't have engineers available at the moment, we can find them and test them for you within 2 weeks.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We always make sure to suggest qualified engineers and we're proud to say that no companies have decided to fire our engineers so far. But if you want to, don't worry, you can do that with a 2-week notice period. We also offer a 60-day trial period in which you can fire the engineer and we'll find you another one with no additional fees.